About Me

I live in the southern tip of India, in Pondicherry a former French colony on the Bay of Bengal. It has a vibrant art community - painters, potters, photographers and a slower pace than India's teeming metros. I have learned photography with friends in the small B&W darkroom of my College where like so many others, I fell in love with slowly developing image in the tray. Later I continued to learn during my weekend photo trips with friends, blogs and especially photography books. I collect photo books and they have been wonderful teachers. I also collect photos and have a small collection of work by Peter Turnley, John Sexton, Alain Briot, Ctein, Michael A. Smith, Paula Chamlee and a few others.

Photography is not my livelihood but I wish it were. It sustains me emotionally and is my treasured creative outlet. It's been my passionate hobby for over 20 years now and I still dream of being able to pursue it full time someday.I use D700 with 35 mm F1.4, 28 mm F2.8 and 105 mm F4 [all MF], Leica M4/M6 with 35 mm and 50 mm Summicron


Artist Statement

I like to photograph the space where people interact with their sense of sacred, so the holy cities of India, fairs, festivals, temples and ceremonies attract me a lot. I believe that in India one needs to go beyond the distraction of the exotic and that come by spending time. It helps to get the new and the strange out of the way and get to the primordial sense of awe when people address their sacred space.

I am unable to point out any direct influence but I greatly admire that work of Peter Turnley, Steve McCurry and John Sexton. Specifically for Varanasi, I am quite captivated by the painter Manu Parekh's rendering of the inner landscape of Varanasi and that has been a huge encouragement to render the city in my own vision.

Publication Credits LensWork, Issue 123, March-April, Lullaby of the Dark Goddess.


kashi.photons@gmail.com, sahastra.rashmi@gmail.com

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